Catherine and Michael

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C + M

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Welcome to the wonderful wedding website of Michael & Cat!

~The Story of Cat & Michael~
A long long time ago, during the Fall of 2007, my freshmen year roommate told me about this incredibly cool friend of hers that was about to move down to Austin from Dallas. After several days of stalking this guy on facebook (and from some helpful nudges from my roommate), Michael and I started chatting and eventually exchanged numbers so that we could text each other. I remember the first time that we actually talked on the phone-- I had been volunteering as a youth advocate in East Austin in evenings for my General Psych class-- Michael and I had been texting all evening, and he wanted to call me because he was about to start driving. I was able to sneak away from my volunteering duties and pretty much hide in a coat closet to chat with him for what was probably only a few minutes. Small moment thrills for 18-year-old Cat, but it was almost most certainly worth it.

All of these little conversations-- texting during class, chatting while at my volunteer site, messaging on facebook-- all lead up to what was supposed to be a blind date! So there we went, double date to Hula Hut on a Friday night. I was overwhelmingly nervous, and I can remember barely talking at dinner. Michael was super smooth, funny, really sarcastic. We ended the night watching Superbad with our friends.

While there are several years between this moment and now, I can say with certainty that our foundation really formulated during my senior year at St. Ed's. We joke about when we really started noticing each others' flirting-- but for me, the moment that I really knew Michael cared about me was the night before I took the GRE. That was the day when we were finalizing the Omni Fall Show, it was also the day when I had a tremendous amount of schoolwork that was due, I also was juggling the anxiety that'd I'd completely bomb the GRE and have no future. Michael and I were not together at the time, but he was drumming for the Omni show. As I was walking to class after Omni, I became overwhelmed and incredibly sad. Michael was bringing the drum cart back to the Carriage House and noticed that I was upset. He put his arm around me and walked me to class, he told me everything would be ok, everything would work out, that I was going to do well on the test and during the show. At the time, I don't think I ever would have thought that Michael would have been the one comforting me, but as I look back on that particular moment, I don't think that anyone else could have lifted my spirits so well. Fast forward to several days later at the Halloween party that my roommates and I had-- pretty much the best party ever (the bridal party knows).

The rest, I guess, is history! We decided on us November 2010, and we'll say yes March 2016. Almost ten years in the making, I wouldn't have gone through it for anyone else.